Class Descriptions

Beginner Basics

For people who are brand new to yoga or have just had a couple of classes. Covers basic postures and breathwork.


Basics classes are great for any level of practitioner. Here we focus on strengthening the core body through basic and modified poses. The postures are broken down and taught in detail. We learn to focus and use our breath to open energy channels while in postures. Basic classes include twists, forward & back-bending, and sun salutations and other postures. Open to all levels.

Mixed Level/Open

Mixed level classes are good for students who have a few basic classes under their belts. We welcome all and encourage students to work poses at their own level. Mixed Level/Open classes include pranayama, twists, back-bending, sun salutations, and breath work.

Lunchtime Yoga

See Mixed Level/Open


Intermediate/Advanced classes challenge those who want to deepen their yoga practice. They are appropriate for students with a regular self-directed practice and a strong grasp of deep backbends, arm balances, twists, inversions and Pranayama.


Perfect for all levels. Prenatal yoga encourages your body to maintain healthy pregnancy and empowers you during childbirth. This class focuses on mindfulness and present moment awareness.Through asana, pranayama, visualizations and imagery, this class will allow you to maintain energy, build stamina, and relax and surrender to the natural birthing process. You will learn to use your pelvic floor to effectively give birth and recover afterward. Great place to hook up with other mommies-to-be.

Postnatal/ Baby&Me Yoga

This class focuses on asana to rejuvenate your body and to restore physical, mental and emotional balance after childbirth. It is an open Vinyasa class for moms and care givers focusing on rebuilding core strength, toning back and releasing tension in the shoulders, while babies play, crawl, and take some nap. Open to all parents and caregivers and newborn babies up to crawlers.