Plant Spirit:
Understanding Healing and Edible Properties of Plants
August 1, 2 & 3 

Arrive Friday night August 1.  Join us Saturday for meditation and yoga in the am. Then enjoy a delicious breakfast, free time to laze in the hammock, take a swim, bike ride, hike to the water fall or just take a nap. The afternoon will be hiking and plant ID-ing, understanding what plants are telling us what their medicinal qualities are. Then scrumptious dinner featuring fresh baked pie – yum!
We will learn how to identify  & harvest mushrooms plants and herbs in the wild. Some of those will include wild blueberries, mugwart, sumac, wild parsnips, St. Johns Wart and countless eatable food literally right at our finger tips full of vitamins and minerals direct from the natural source mother earth herself. Learn to make an herbal infused oil to take home with you.Taught with Kate Temple-West!
$269 for the whole weekend
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