Ava Gerber
Bridgette Trezza

Balancing discipline with play and self inquiry, Bridgette Trezza aims to create a space in which students can challenge and support themselves through their own practice. By helping them connect to an inner steadiness, she hopes for students to feel inspired to move through life with greater sensitivity and grace.

John Son
John Son wants nothing more than to create a calm, safe, playful space where people can reconnect to what is clear, grounded, and loving within and without, mostly by reminding you to breathe while you do fun things called asanas with your body. He features music intuitively selected to elevate the whole experience into something best expressed by the beaming smiles often lighting up the end of his classes. He is the author of the young adult novel Finding My Hat, about growing up Korean-American in Texas; and in the fall of 2016, Scholastic will publish A True Book: Yoga and Relaxation, an introduction to yoga and meditation for young people.
Mary Molluso

Mary is passionate to share the practice of yoga with individuals from all walks of life and at all levels of practice.  Originally drawn to yoga for stress and anxiety reduction, she has been exploring various yoga styles and practices for the past 15 years.  With an equal love for sweaty vinyasa classes and kirtans, Mary completed her first 200-hour Certification in Traditional Hatha Yoga at Integral Yoga Institute, NYC in 2011 and has been teaching since.  In 2014 she completed a second 200-hour Certification in Vinyasa-style at Prema Yoga, Brooklyn.
As an Educator currently working with adolescents within NYC High Schools, Mary is a Certified Teen Yoga Instructor through Karma Kids, and The Lineage Project’s Yoga for At-Risk and Incarcerated Youth.  
Mary’s classes aim to inspire others to find some balance and calm, spaciousness and strength on their mat and in their everyday lives. Her classes utilize a breath-centered approach, integrating safe and effective sequencing with yoga philosophy and music.  She is grateful for all of the teachers and students that continue to guide, inspire and challenge her on this never-ending ride.    ~”Everything and everyone in this life is my teacher” (Ramana Maharshi).

Saskia Thode

Saskia completed the first Sarva Yoga Academy teacher training at Go Yoga with teachers Lilia Mead, Michael Hewett and Matthew Lombardo. Saskia has studied various lineages of yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Indian Yoga, and the Fourth Way​ ​​and also is certified Reiki 2​ ​Practitioner.​ ​For Saskia yoga is a combination of mind, body & spirit, and the healing powers of the unity of these elements. Saskia teaches both Therapeutic & Restorative Yoga & Vinyasa Flow, in which she aims to combine the inner & outer methods of healing simultaneously in motion. ​S​he​ also teaches ​ her own Metal Yoga to Unleash the Inner Beast in each one of us. The classes are generally of a slower pa​ce​ and accompanied by heavy metal tunes.

Jen Martinez

A native of South Texas, Jen moved to Brooklyn in 2010. She is a firm believer that Yoga Sutra 1.12 (Abhyasa vairagyabhyam tannirodhah: dedication without attachment) works for just about every scenario. Jen began her yoga and meditation practice in 2004 and soon after traveled to Dhamma Giri in India to study Vipassana meditation.Jen’s classes focus on grounding sequences and finding moments of mindfulness. In every class, you’ll get meditation, breathwork, and delicious music. Jen completed her 200-hour teacher training at Jaya Yoga in Park Slope and is a certified children’s yoga teacher through Little Flower Yoga. She currently teaches yoga and mindfulness in schools all over the city. Jen lives in the neighborhood and is thrilled to be teaching at Lucky Lotus.

Lisa Apatini

Lisa Apatini Born and raised in New York City, Lisa began practicing when she was 14. In 2005, , she was introduced to the Jivamukti Yoga.

Lisa was immediately immersed in a world of spiritual, mental and physical development that has influenced and shaped her life in the greatest of ways.

A professional vocalist and performer since childhood, music and the healing vibration of sound have been a constant source of inspiration and creativity through out her life. She will routinely offer live chanting and devotional music during her classes as well as in final relaxation. Lisa also developed a passion for the circus arts and began performing with aerial silks in 2009.

She is eternally thankful for all the beings who have brought divine transformation

Jenna Faith

Jenna FaithJenna Faith whom is an 800 hour certified Jivamukti yoga teacher and has taught worldwide, full time. Her dynamic class are creatively sequenced, with c attention to alignment; to a fun funky and uplifting soundtrack. Warmly welcoming practitioners of all levels from the raw beginner to the most advanced. Jenna brings spirituality, sweat, and smiles to every classes she teaches.


Meghan Meyer

Meghan Meyer

Meghan Meyer ​ is a 300- Hour Jivamukti​ certified​ yoga teacher.​ ​Born and Raised in New York City​.​ The training charged her with a positive, joyful energy – an infectious energy that she treasures. It is Meghan’s great hope to inspire and effect students and others as she continues her practice and spiritual journey.​ ​At this moment she is a free spirit with an open heart, wanting to give the gift of Yoga to the world.



Natalie Wooller

With a background in humanitarian aid, Natalie was introduced to Jivamukti yoga after a friend brought her to her first Jivamukti class in 2010, shortly after returning from Iraq. In that first class, she experienced a release and, eager to understand the magic of Jivamukti, went on to complete the teacher training in 2011. Natalie later completed the 800-hour apprenticeship program with Rima Rabbath.

From its platform of spiritual activism and compassion for all beings, to the intelligent sequencing, music and incorporation of mindfulness, the Jivamukti method continues to resonate with Natalie as a way to remain present with ourselves and connected to the world around us.

Natalie continues to learn daily from the incredible students and teachers around her.