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The intrigue of yoga by Stefani Peikin

I have always been intrigued with yoga in terms of trying to keep what flexibility I had and building on it and done drop in classes here and there over the past few years, but about a month ago, when faced with a major transitioning point I my life, I decided to become a bit more focused on my yoga practice.  Upon walking home one day past Lucky Lotus, I noticed their sign, “One month unlimited for 49$” and I was sold.

The first day I walked into the beautiful sunlit second floor studio above DeKalb Ave., it felt like home.  I used this opportunity to try each instructor’s class at least once.  Every one of them brought something different to the practice; some offered more meditation, some shared inspiring poems, some lead chanting, but all paid individual attention to making sure each person’s poses were done correctly and effectively.  In my opinion, my top 3 favorite instructors there are; Maria, Aaron, & Mira.  I went to their classes most out of all offered and I will testify right now, over the past month, I have seen physical changes in my body, more definition that inspires me to continue with my practice.  I actually feel more grounded and solid in stature with the core strength I’ve developed.  Whether it’s lifting something, opening a jar, or just going from sitting on the floor to standing up, I know I am building muscle where it may not have existed or been developed before.  It has also helped add much more clarity to my life and helped me clear out a lot of things that I was holding onto mentally, but could feel physically.

I know I have entered a path that not only is good for my mind & body, but my soul too.  Lucky Lotus is EXACTLY what this neighborhood needs and I hope it is here for a long long time!

- Stefani