I have come to drag you out of yourself  and take you into my heart I have come to bring out the beauty  you never knew you had  and lift you like a prayer to the sky  ~rumi

We carry our stories like the clouds hold the rain. Slowly collecting, moment by moment. Woven into every layer and every cell. As time passes the pain, the trauma, the hurt and the joy collects. So subtlety. So quietly. It fills and fills, until the perfectly imperfect moment of ripeness. Pregnant with potential to over flow. Expanding, filling, collecting until it peaks. The rain pours and the tears fall. Freely, uncontrollably and necessarily. Cyclically washing away what was. Clearing for what is. As we sweetly become more aware of this invisible process, occurring within us and around us, we may adjust what we decide to hold onto and for how long. We may allow it to fall away as sweetly as the clouds release the rain.  ~Marianne Williamson

Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn.